JL Lymphatic Sculpting

At JL Lymphatic Sculpting our mission is to provide professional, luxury and body goals. We are passionate about providing individualized body sculpting techniques to promote healthy , non-invasive treatments with a use of therapy driven results

About Us

JL Lymphatic Sculpting is dedicated to treating our clients with therapeutic holistic approach. We are ran by licensed health care professionals and take individualized treatment approaches that caterers to our clients needs. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is used for preventive care, medical and surgical recovery.

We are servicing Dallas Metroplex currently providing concierge services only. We look forward to meeting you!


Manual Lymphatic drainage

Manual Lymphatic drainage is therapeutic techniques, non-invasive light manipulation for the skin to move lymph through the body to help reduce swelling, eliminate toxins, reduce stress, improve immunity and decrease fatigue.

Surgical Aftercare

Surgical after care is postoperative lymphatic drainage used following cosmetic surgery procedures to optimize healing, eliminate swelling, scar management, helps reduce scar tissue, reduce fluid from the body, help reduce risk of fibrosis -

wood therapy

Manipulation of the tissue that utilizes wooden handheld tools to help reduce stubborn fat, breakdown cellulite, tone and tighten the skin.


Packages of 12, 10, 6 and 4 are available ( Liposuction, BBL, Tummy tuck, breast augmentation, Mommy makeover)


Dana Dallas, TX

"Very professional and amazing at lymphatic massage! Highly recommended!She also is mobile and will come to you."

Chuntel Mesquite, TX

" I just go lipo360 and was in pain when I booked with Janae. I really enjoyed her attention to detail that she paid to each part of my abdomen and back while stretching me in a way that helped my pain. Definitely recommend and definitely book again."

Chud Dallas,TX

""She did a great job and will recommend her. Thank you so much"

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